Who We Are

We are a small group of talented individuals with different backgrounds who come together daily to deliver solutions for our customers and suppliers.

As an aerospace distributor, we are accessible, communicate directly with the customers, and provide valuable information to our suppliers.

Every day, we ship aerospace parts to different destinations and customers. Packaging, US-Customs clearance, and shipping are done on-site.

We also manage repair contracts, receiving parts from our customers, which we deliver to the repair source for inspection, testing, and pricing. Once the repair contract is approved, we stay close to our repair station to ensure the repair is completed and documented.

Our customers like working with us because we listen, respond quickly, and ship parts fast.

Our on-site inventory allows for same-day shipments for many parts.


Established in 1988 by Olav Leite, Simtech has grown into a thriving aerospace distributor.

We are proud of our Scandinavian roots and our immigrant beginnings.

Based in Hartford, surrounded by world-class manufacturers, including Pratt & Whitney, Simtech is part of the World’s Aerospace Ally with the greatest concentration of premier aerospace manufacturers worldwide.

Simtech History

Our Highly Qualified Team

Our highly-qualified, multilingual employees are our greatest asset. Simtech’s entrepreneurial spirit is built on our can-do attitude and our eagerness to support our customers world-wide. When you call Simtech, someone will pick up the phone and address your needs immediately.

Olav Leite

Olav Leite

Chairman Emeritus

Richard Leite

Richard Leite

President and Chairman of the Board

Tom Leite

Tom Leite


Joseph Lancour

Joseph Lancour

Quality & Export Compliance Manager

Marcelo Lemcoff

Marcelo Lemcoff

Controller & IT Manager

Carlos Aguilar

Carlos Aguilar

Director of Business Development

Our Services


Serving customers around the world, Simtech is proud to distribute and export aircraft spares to foreign governments, companies, and depots. We also take pride in supplying directly to the US Government.


Our collaboration with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and second and third-tier manufacturers ensures a robust inventory of parts and optimized delivery solutions, tailored to meet customer demands.

Compliance &

Whether dealing with a foreign government or directly with DLA, Simtech ensures full compliance with all customer requirements. This includes export licenses, AES filings, and accommodating specific payment terms.

Our Global Footprint

At Simtech, our services are not limited by borders.

We ship parts to foreign, allied militaries, repair stations, OEMs, and airlines. Our parts are packed well, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition. All parts are shipped with manufacturers’ certificate of conformance and airworthiness certificates. Our reputation for delivering quality parts allows us to compete, grow, and build long-term customer relationships.

Global Footprint