Distribution Solutions for Manufacturers

As a global leader in aircraft spares since 1988, we understand the challenges aerospace manufacturers confront regularly. At SIMTECH, we don’t just deliver parts; we deliver solutions designed to simplify your manufacturing operations. We are an extension of your sales team, exhibiting at major airshows, traveling to meet customers, and listening to their needs. Our long-term distribution agreements – built on transparency, trust, and performance, produce sales growth and entry to new markets.


Experience the power of a global network with SIMTECH’s Worldwide Reach. Our customers include foreign militaries, airlines, repair stations, OEMs, and the US Government.

Trust us to be your bridge to the world.


In the dynamic landscape of aerospace manufacturing, knowledge is power. SIMTECH’s customer knowledge empowers manufacturers with insights and expertise developed over decades.

Our seasoned team understands industry trends, multiple languages, and customer expectations. Partner with SIMTECH to leverage our customer knowledge and gain a competitive edge in the global market.

Contract and
Export Compliance

Navigate the complexities of contracts and export compliance effortlessly with SIMTECH. Our commitment to Contract and Export Compliance ensures that manufacturers can focus on their core competencies.

Whether dealing with government contracts or global exports, SIMTECH guarantees full compliance with regulations, export licenses, and specific contractual requirements. Experience peace of mind knowing that your manufacturing operations are aligned with the highest standards of legal and regulatory compliance.


  • Responsive Partner: Open for business.
  • Industry Expertise: Benefit from our decades-long expertise in the aerospace industry.
  • Global Network: Access to new markets through our distribution network.
  • Regulatory Assurance: SIMTECH ensures full compliance with contract and export regulations, providing manufacturers with peace of mind.

Partner with a growing distributor that cares about sales, customer service, and your long-lasting success.

Aerospace Distribution – Listening to the Customer

At SIMTECH, we have been a global leader in aircraft spares distribution since 1988, driven by our dedication to exceptional customer service. We are more than a distributor, we are your reliable partner – devoted to ensuring utmost precision in your aircraft operations as they align seamlessly with your unique requirements.

We don’t just provide products. Explore three of our customer solutions designed to streamline your operations – delivered with the signature SIMTECH commitment to reliability, responsiveness, and excellence.


When you need a part now, count on SIMTECH’s Stocking Solutions to keep your aircraft running smoothly. Our on-site inventory allows for same-day shipments and strategic planning. We have the parts to meet your needs today and in the future.


Navigating the complexities of repair contracts has never been easier than with SIMTECH, rest assured that SIMTECH is your trusted ally, making the process easier and more streamline than ever before. We start the process from the moment your parts arrive, handling all stages from inspection and testing to pricing and documentation.

We provide OEM quality repairs with precision, speed, and unparalleled responsiveness. We stay closely connected with our network of repair stations and OEMs, ensuring that your assets are in skilled and capable hands. SIMTECH’s Repair Management is not just a service; it’s a commitment, providing you with peace of mind throughout the process.


Tailored to your specific requirements, our kitting services offer an efficient approach to parts procurement. Whether you’re working on a one-time project or need a comprehensive kit for routine maintenance, SIMTECH delivers with flexibility and speed.

Our kits allow you to minimize the time you would normally spend purchasing parts, speeding up your overall maintenance process drastically.


  • Responsive Customer Service: When you contact us, we will respond. No endless voicemail prompts or unanswered emails.
  • Global Reach: As a global distributor, we ship aerospace parts worldwide, fulfilling your needs with precision and efficiency. Count on us for prompt delivery.
  • On-Site Logistics: Packaging, US Customs clearance, and shipping are all done on-site.
  • Compliance Excellence: Whether dealing with foreign governments or the US Government, SIMTECH ensures full compliance with all customer requirements, including export licenses, AES filings, and payment terms.

Every interaction is driven by our commitment to exceptional service. Welcome to a partnership that listens, responds quickly, and expedites the shipping of your parts – your success is our priority.